Bypass California’s Assault Weapon Registration with MagLatch! The first and only fixed magazine compliance device to make M1A/M14 patterned firearms with certain features* California Legal, conforming with all requirements of SB 880/AB 1135. Kit includes the drop-in MagLatch M1A device. A trigger guard tool or OEM magazine release are optional.  Installs in less than 1 minute and there are no modifications to your firearm. MagLatch is unobtrusive and quickly reversible.

MagLatch has two modes; Ban State and Free State. While in ban states top loading or loading through the ejection port is recommended for fastest reloads. When traveling to free states disassemble the action and remove MagLatch M1A and reassemble.

*Certain features include pistol grip, collapsible stock, and/or flash hider. Drops in Fulton Armory, EBR, Archangel, and other pistol grip styles for the M1A/M14

Kit includes:

Optional, but recommended:

  • Trigger Guard Disassembly Tool
  • OEM Magazine Release (if not present)
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